The Benefits Of Compounding

Having a medication that fits the patient and their personal needs is the key justification to using a compounding Pharmacy. At SCIRx Pharmacy, we offer medical prescribers an expanded selection of dosage forms for the delivery of medications to meet the specific needs of their patients.

SCIRx Medimorsel®

Medimorsel® eliminates the struggle and anxiety when it’s time to medicate your pet. We compound our medimorsel to the veterinarian’s dose specifications and pet’s preferred flavor. Our medimorsels are soft, the size of a pencil eraser, easy to chew so pets eat them up like treats.

Customer Service

At SCIRx we take great pride in providing personal and attentive service to all our customers. We are local and committed to helping our neighbors through compounding.

Browntail Moth Spray

SCIRx we offers a spray, cream, or lotion to help provide relief from browntail moth exposure as prescribed by your provider.

Committed To Doing Our Best For You.

SCIRx is committed to doing our best for you. Our growing team and expanded capabilities are here to fulfill all of your compounding needs.

SCIRx Compounding Pharmacy Falmouth, Maine


Better Outcomes

Our mission at SCIRx Pharmacy is to provide high-quality compounded medication solutions in conjunction with superior customer service. The pharmacy promotes collaborative relationships between the patient, doctor, and pharmacist to determine the patient medication needs and appropriate treatment regime. By continuously improving our processes and investing in employee training and education, we are able to provide our clients with exceptional products and services.

Commitment to Quality

SCIRx Pharmacy utilizes multiple quality control practices to assure our compounded medications meet the desired result.

Continuous Training

State-of-the-art software & equipment

High-quality chemicals from FDA registered sites

Standard Operating Procedures

Secondary QC verification

Regular potency testing

SCIRx Compounding Pharmacy

Providing Medication Solutions

Behind every custom–compounded prescription filled at SCIRx, there’s a patient. Founded in 2011, we are a state-of-the-art compounding facility servicing Dentists, Veterinarians, and Physicians. Many individuals and pets have unique healthcare needs that can’t be met by off-the-shelf prescription medications. Pharmacists are the only healthcare professionals who have specialized training and education in chemical properties and can prepare alternate dosage – forms. Through the compounding process, our pharmacists work closely with the prescriber to formulate medications to meet the needs of the patient.

Customer Service

Our goal is to ensure our customers have the custom – medication needed in a format that is easy to use and provides better outcomes. We pride ourselves on reviewing all new prescriptions the same day received and reaching out to arrange for the mailing or pick up of your prescription at our Falmouth location. If after reviewing a prescription the pharmacist discovers there is a better option to fill your prescription, we will discuss it with you. Some prescriptions can be filled at a retail pharmacy making it more economical.

Transfering a Prescription

If you would like to review SCIRx as an option for your current compounded medication, we are here to answer your questions. Transfering a prescription is as easy as a phone call.

SCIRx Pharmacy Compounding Specialties


Custom compounding allows each prescription to be tailored to meet the unique needs of the pet. Unlike large mail-order pharmacies, the majority of our prescriptions are ready for pick up or mail out the same day. Learn more about how SCIRx can make a difference for your pet.


All commercially available skin medications are not appropriate for all patients. Patients may have sensitivities to ingredients or a manufactured product is no longer available. Learn more about the different foams/creams compounded to meet skin challenges here.


Compounded medications can lessen the physical discomforts involved with a trip to the dentist. We work to formulate special dental compounds to meet the unique needs of your patients, making the overall experience more enjoyable. Learn More


SCIRx offers medical prescribers an expanded selection of dosage forms for the delivery of medications to meet the specific needs of their patients. Learn more about achieving a more positive therapeutic outcome through compounding.

“Our ultimate goal is to prepare customized medications under a prescriber’s direction that will help patients achieve a more positive outcome.”

– Rich Allred RPh

Not Your Mail Order Pharmacy

Welcome to the SCIRx Family. The team is ready to assist you with friendly, professional service. When receiving a new prescription from a provider, we will contact you to review the details and arrange for mailing or pick up at our Falmouth location. A pharmacist is available to review with you all new prescriptions picked up at the pharmacy in addition to providing a patient information sheet outlining details of the prescription.

We have gathered some resources below to assist in answering any questions. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact us for help and one of our knowledgeable team members will assist you.

“It can be challenging to get medications formulated for exotic pets and those that don’t fit into standardized formulations. SCIRx has great products, flavors that pets accept, and excellent customer service. As an added bonus, they have quick turnaround timing – which makes me happy because my clients are happy.”

G. Russell Danner, DVM | New England Animal Hospital

Could Compounding Benefit You?

Ask your Provider about SCIRx Compounding Pharmacy or reach out to us directly to speak with a knowledgeable Team Member.

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