If you believe a custom compounded medication would be helpful or you are not satisfied with your current provider of compounded medication, tell your prescriber about us. All compounded medications need to be prescribed by a licensed provider. Transferring a prescription is very simple. If you’d like to transfer to SCIRx, let us know and we can call the provider. It’s as simple as a phone call.

Tell Your Provider About SCIRx

A new prescription can be sent to us in any of the following ways:

  • Your prescriber can fax or email an order to us.
  • Your prescriber can phone an order in to us.
  • Your prescriber can give the prescription to you to email, mail, or bring to our Falmouth location.

We’ll Call You When We Receive your Prescription

  • When we receive the prescription, we’ll contact you before we fill it. Since all prescriptions are custom-made, we need to confirm a few things prior to compounding.
  • Flavor choice
    Medications can taste better with flavors added. Some flavors mix well with certain medications and our team can assist you.
  • Dosage form
    Medications can be compounded in a variety of ways either capsule, Medimorsel®, liquid, or transdermal pen. All delivery formats are not suited for all medications.
  • Along with your prescriber, our team can assist you in selecting the appropriate delivery format.
  • Prescription pick-up at our Falmouth location or Shipping information
    Medications can be picked up or mailed thru the Postal Service. Refrigerated items are mailed priority and have additional fees. Options will be reviewed with you.

Method of payment

  • Medications can be paid using any major credit card, check, or cash.

Still Have A Question?

Reach out to us directly to speak with a knowledgeable SCIRx Team Member today.