Commitment To Quality

The experience and ingenuity of the compounding staff play a key role in formula design and in the preparation of any compounded medication. In addition, the commitment by the company and its individuals to high-quality control standards assures your medication will be made correctly. At SCIRx Pharmacy we utilize multiple quality control practices to assure our compounded medications meet the desired result. This includes:

  • Ongoing training for staff
  • State-of-the-art compounding software and equipment.
  • Use of high-quality chemicals purchased from FDA registered sites.
  • Use of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Secondary QC verification is done on all compounded formulations
  • Regular potency testing is performed to validate operational procedures


1. Prescription Received

SCIRx Pharmacy receives a prescription from a licensed provider.  

SCIRx receiving prescription
SCIRx team member

2. SCIRx Team Contacts Patient

A member of our team contacts the patient or pet owner to review prescription details. This includes pick up or mailing of the prescription, address, and payment information. We do our best to fill new orders same day received. 

3. Compounding Begins

Once all details are confirmed, SCIRx starts the compounding using the highest-quality chemicals purchased from FDA registered sites. 

licensed pharmacists

4. Licensed Pharmacists & Technicians

All orders are made by licensed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. SCIRx is a member of the PCCA, the Pharmacy Compounding Association, and the Maine Pharmacy Association. 

5. Commitment To Quality

Our commitment to quality control includes state-of-art compounding software and equipment.  All compounded formulations receive a secondary QC verification by a pharmacist before leaving the lab. 

FDA approved

6. Final Preparations

Address information is reviewed for mailing. Invoices prepared and payments processed. Credit card numbers are shredded, we do not keep card numbers on file. Some medications require ice to mail, an additional charge is applied. 

7. Ready For Use

Your prescription has been received and is ready for use. Instructions are provided on the prescription label if you have questions, please contact the pharmacy to speak with a SCIRx team member at 207-619-7272 or email

order complete
Compounded medicine shipped

8. Shipping & Delivery

Standard shipping is USPS. Delivery is 1-2 business days depending on location and USPS service. There is an additional cost for shipping via UPS. Prescriptions can be picked up at our Falmouth location M – F 10-6, Saturday 9-Noon.