BROWNTAIL MOTH SPRAY. Relief is on the way.

SCIRx Pharmacy compounds medications for Browntail moth spray, cream, and lotion that provide relief to the skin from Browntail moth exposure.

SCIRx Browntail spray, lotion, and cream

The browntail moth spray is dispensed in a 120mL bottle which typically provides sufficient relief for one episode. The lotion and cream are good options for the face, localized patches, or for use on children.

Browntail Moth Relief From SCIRx
browntail moth

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Browntail Moth Caterpillars

Spring brings tulips and daffodils along with the start of browntail moth season. If you live in Maine you’ve either heard about the troubles they can cause or experienced the unpleasant discomfort and itching from exposure. Exposure to the moth hairs can cause respiratory distress as well as chemical and physical reactions on the skin. For most people, the rash will last a few hours or days and in more severe cases it can last for several weeks. The itchy uncomfortable rash is pinkish in color, similar to poison ivy. It occurs as the result of direct, or indirect contact with the toxic hairs found on the caterpillar. Throughout most of their life cycle, these hairs are shed and can become airborne or attached to leaves and brush.

Browntail Exposure Map

The browntail moth presence has become increasingly common in the Southern/Mid-Coast areas of Maine during the spring and early summer months. The toxic hairs can linger for months or years given the correct weather conditions.

exposure map

Map based on 5/13/20 survey by Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Maine Forest Service Forest Health & Monitoring

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