In addition to administering medication from an oral syringe directly in some cases, it can easily be mixed with your pets’ canned food. Mix a small portion of the food with the medication to be sure it is eaten by the pet. Some pets may be unwilling to eat the food or have dietary restrictions that prevent you from administering it in this way. You will then need to administer it directly into the mouth of the pet.

Instructions for preparing an oral syringe.

The desired amount of medication to be administered will be marked with a red line on the syringe barrel. 

  • If indicated, shake the medication. Most oral suspensions will need to be thoroughly mixed or shaken prior to drawing the liquid into the dosing syringe.
  • Prior to drawing up the medication in the syringe, the plunger should be pushed forward to the tip of the syringe.                                       
  • Remove the cap on the medication bottle and set it aside to be replaced after dosing. Keep the bottle standing upright then place the tip of the syringe into the hole of the adapter cap.  

Water-based suspensions are supplied with a white adapter cap that is pushed into the neck of the bottle.

Oil-based suspensions are supplied with a blue screw-on adapter cap that will not slip out of the neck of the bottle when inverted. 

  • Invert the bottle holding the syringe tightly into the hole of the bottle stopper.
  • Pull back the plunger to draw up slightly more than the desired amount of medication into the syringe.  Slowly push the plunger up to get rid of any air bubbles and to the red line marking the correct dose. 
  • If you have too many air bubbles, tap or flick the barrel with your finger to move the bubbles to the top of the syringe. Recheck the syringe at eye level to make sure the dose is aligned with the correct volume line. 
  • Once the desired amount of medication is drawn into the syringe carefully turn the bottle upright and remove the syringe. 
  • If the medication has been refrigerated you may want to warm it by holding the syringe in your hand prior to administering.   DO NOT MICROWAVE THE MEDICATION.
  • Secure the cap on the bottle of medication. If the medication is refrigerated, put it back in the refrigerator or store it at room temperature out of direct sunlight. 

* Do not wash out oral syringes when using an oil-based suspension.   If the medication is water-based, you can rinse out the syringe, using warm water (no soap), and allow it to completely air dry prior to the next use. 

Consult your veterinarian for the best way to administer the medication to your pet. 

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