Veterinary Compounding

Just like humans, pets come down with illnesses and medical conditions that may warrant the need for a medication prescribed by a Veterinarian. At SCIRx Pharmacy, we work with Veterinarians and Pet Owners to create custom compounded medications unique to each animal. 

Compounding For Pets

Custom compounding allows us to tailor each prescription to the exact dosage based on: The animal’s weight, strength/concentration of the active ingredient, and taste considerations. In addition, we commonly consider different ways to administer the medication when faced with a difficult case.

SCIRx Pharmacy’s unique and trademarked Medimorsel® eliminates the struggle and anxiety when it’s time to medicate your pet. Soft, tasty, and easy to chew, MediMorsels are medicated chews custom formulated to your veterinarian’s specifications. MediMorsels improve medication compliance resulting in healthier and happier pets. In some situations, multiple medications can be combined into one chew, further simplifying the process of medicating your pet.

If medicating your pet orally becomes too difficult or stressful, some medications can be compounded into a transdermal gel, which can be applied topically to your pet’s ear. SCIRx Pharmacy utilizes Topi-CLICK Micro Pen to make it easier for a pet owner to administer the prescribed amount of medication.

When a new prescription is received and reviewed by a pharmacist a team member will reach out and review the details of the prescription. Our goal for new prescriptions is to reach out within the first 24 hours to arrange for mailing or pick up at our Falmouth location of your pet’s prescription.

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“As a veterinary technician specialist in oncology, I use SCIRx because I know I am going to get a quality product that has been thoroughly inspected by a pharmacist from prescription submission to final product. My own cat, Angus Jon, had congenital megaesophagus that was diagnosed by Animal Emergency Clinic when he was 8 weeks old. He had to be on four different medications that Rich Allred, (pharmacist and owner) was able to combine into two syringes for ease of dispensing into his liquid diet. Rich enabled him to live a happy and longer life than was predicted.”

Kathi L. Smith, RVT, VTS (Oncology)

Additional SCIRx Pharmacy Compounding Specialties


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