Benefits of Compounding Medications

Having a medication that fits the patient and their personal needs is the key justification to using a compounding Pharmacy. At SCIRx Pharmacy, we offer medical prescribers an expanded selection of dosage forms for the delivery of medications to meet the specific needs of their patients.

Compounding benefits include:

For a patient that cannot take a medication in its original form, we can alter its form to make is easier to ingest, as well as add flavor to it to make it more palatable.

We can also prepare the medication in a tailored delivery system, such as flavored suspension, flavored treat, or in transdermal cream, to facilitate its delivery and administration.

Medicines can be compounded into special strengths for clients with unique needs. This is extremely valuable in the veterinary community. Pets come in a variety of weights and a compounded medication can be the only way to treat the pet.

In situations where a medication is no longer commercially available, we can usually order the key chemical ingredient and compound it into a formulation for administration.

Some oral medications that cause nausea and other unpleasant gastric side effects can be compounded into a topical application to minimize these side effects.

For patients with allergic or special sensitivities to a commercially manufactured drug, we can formulate their medication free of food dyes or fillers that could be leading to unpleasant side effects.


Custom compounding allows each prescription to be tailored to meet the unique needs of the pet. Unlike large mail-order pharmacies, the majority of our prescriptions are ready for pick up or mail out the same day. Learn more about how SCIRx can make a difference for your pet.


All commercially available skin medications are not appropriate for all patients. Patients may have sensitivities to ingredients or a manufactured product is no longer available. Learn more about the different foams/creams compounded to meet skin challenges here.


Compounded medications can lessen the physical discomforts involved with a trip to the dentist. We work to formulate special dental compounds to meet the unique needs of your patients, making the overall experience more enjoyable. Learn More


SCIRx offers medical prescribers an expanded selection of dosage forms for the delivery of medications to meet the specific needs of their patients. Learn more about achieving a more positive therapeutic outcome through compounding.

“Hello Rich and SCIRx Team,
We want to let you know that we haven’t found another pharmacy more amazing than yours (it’s not possible). We want to thank you so very much for your great kindness and excellence of your work. You made it possible to care for our Coqui in the best (and tastiest) possible way. We have just been so lucky with the level of excellent care available in the area. So comforting as pet lovers to know we can get this high caliber of help when our pet is ill.”

– SCIRx Customer

Would Compounding Benefit You Too?

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