Offering Patients a Return to Personalized Care

The SCIRx difference

Founded in 2011, our staff at SCIRx has years of compounding experience. Our specially trained pharmacists and technicians prepare custom medications to meet your patients’ specific needs through the combination of the latest medical knowledge and state-of-the-art technology. We can prepare medications free of problem-causing ingredients such as sugar, lactose, dyes, alcohol, gluten, or preservatives. Vegetarian capsules made from cellulose are available for patients who do not want to take a gelatin capsule. Custom flavoring is available for most oral medications for patients who have a problem tolerating the taste of a commercially available liquid. We also can prepare medications that are not commercially available as well as combine multiple medications into a single dosage form which improves adherence by patients.

If you have a particular situation where you feel we could be of assistance, please give us a call.

Reference Materials

SCIRx Prescription Form
Click here to download our printable PDF prescription order form.
Browntail moth prescriber order form
Download the browntail moth order form here.

Please Note: We do not take custom requests for sterile compounds. Also, we do not compound a product that is commercially available. All prescriptions delivered to a doctor’s office must be patient-specific. We deliver Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to many practices within Portland and surrounding areas.

Medimorsel® Process

Need more info?

If you have any questions about a medication or if it is right for your patient. Give us a call and one of the SCIRx team members can help answer your questions.

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